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  • Caramel Flavoured Instant Coffee is 100% Coffee with naturally infused Flavours. This one is a perfect, strong blend of instant coffee with naturally infused Caramel flavour with no added sugar. Makes perfect cold coffee too.
  • Agglomerated Form retains Aroma and Flavour for a long time.
  • Caramel Instant Coffee, No Sugar, 50g. Authentic Coffee shop taste.
  • We receive order then we grind, make, and dispatch the orders, totally fresh Coffee to your table.
  • Tastes Great with Hot/Cold with Water/Milk.
  • Fine Texture, No Chicory.
  • This soluble Instant Coffee. 1 small spoon makes 1 cup of 125ml coffee. Drink hot or cold in milk or water. Add sugar as per taste. (this coffee has no sugar, no milk powder, no preservative.

Caramel Flavoured Instant (50 gm)

₹225.00 Regular Price
₹202.50Sale Price
    • Caramel Instant Coffee Powder, 100% Coffee.
    • No added preservatives.
    • Naturally infused Caramel flavours.
    • Fine texture, No Chicory.
    • Agglomerated Form.
    • Easily Soluble in Milk and Water.
    • We grind a fresh batch of coffee everyday at our store.
    • This instant Caramel Coffee is perfectly flavoured and processed for lingering taste.
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